Sadie Rehmann



Sadie thrives in customer service and sales. That's what made real estate the perfect career for her. After graduating college from Texas A&M University's business school, she landed a job with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. During that time she learned all of the corporate staples necessary to be successful on her own. She assisted customers with her knowledge in negotiations and product education, going above and beyond with her customer service skills. Her outstanding efforts earned her many corporate awards from her employer. In addition to her own personal experience working with clients in the sales and service industry, she also grew up surrounded by the world of real estate. She watched her dad succeed as a real estate agent and broker for 10 years, and then learned about residential investments and property management as he bought and managed his own 26 rental properties. After moving to Austin, she had the opportunity to learn more about commercial investments and construction through her father-in-law who owns a mechanical contracting business. Armed with this knowledge and experience, she felt the need to pursue a career where she could better serve others in the community around her. This led her to Womack Real Estate. She's witnessed first hand the impact on lives that have been made with this company. Whether it's the newlyweds buying their first home, the couple that needs to expand because of their newest addition, or even a family that's going through a hard time, she wants to help in any way possible. She looks forward to bringing her expertise to the table to assist you and your family in your future needs. Thank you for choosing Womack Real Estate!