Campbell McCrea



Born in Austin, Texas, Campbell has spent most of his life in the Texas Hill Country, with much of his childhood spent in Fredericksburg, Texas. After graduating from Westlake High School in 2011, Campbell went on to play football at Baylor University and followed his dream of being a D1 athlete. With deep family ties in real estate, Campbell has primarily focused on the restoration of historic homes in the Fredericksburg/Austin areas, as well as supporting in the creation of a 1.8 acre bio-intensive, organic garden and food forest.

In 2017, after enjoying a deep dive into the oil and gas industry in Midland, Campbell launched into a side career as a professional photographer as well as certified hot yoga instructor. With a passion for people, he focuses his photography and videography skills on catching authentic moments and telling stories worth being told. After moving to Dallas in 2020 to help launch a medical sales company, Campbell got introduced to a non-profit gym that trained people with physical disabilities and fell in love with the mission and community. He quickly made the jump to go full-time with the gym and committed to helping veterans and civilians living with physical disabilities.

With a background in real estate and oil and gas, Campbell has 11 plus years of sales/business development experience working with clients, landowners, oil and gas operators and midstream companies. He has demonstrated a skill set of being able to work with a large variety of people, being a mediator between clients and the companies he represents. He's professional and honest, while also keeping the buying and selling process fun and exciting.

If you’re looking for someone with deep ties to the Texas Hill Country, Campbell is the agent for you.