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Ready to show your home? Here are some MAJOR deal killers!

April 4, 2018 | By Wes Womack

If you’ve ever been house hunting then you’re getting ready to have that Ah-Ha moment with me.

When you’re looking for your forever home, each visit to a new place can feel like a first date. You go in with all these hopeful expectations, but in a flash, a total deal breaker can rear its ugly head. Like when you lean in and get a whiff of bad breath or you hear that really weird, overly loud laugh. Check please!

The same thing can happen when shopping for a home. The tour could be going fabulously until you turn a corner and OMG! You see the room that brings the possibility of living there to a grinding halt.

So what is this deal-killing room? It turns out there are more than one. Check out this list for some of the ones that realtors have noted that make buyers cringe en masse. So, before putting your house on the market, check to make sure you haven’t just initiated a really bad first date experience for your potential buyers.

The empty room

A room devoid of furniture leaves the buyer wondering what the space can be used for. And any of the room's imperfections will also stand out. If you have an empty room, stage it as an office, extra sitting area, or guest bedroom.

The really dark room

One of the biggest turnoffs for a buyer is a dark room. The reason is simple: No one wants to walk into a home and feel like they’re trapped in a dungeon. Even if the rest of the house is flooded with light, one dark room can make a whole house seem dark.

Make sure to open all the curtains and blinds before showing a home. If the room doesn't have much light, paint the walls a light color and add a mirror to make it appear larger. Updating the lighting also goes a long way in adding to the brightness of a room.

The icky bathroom

A big offender in this category: carpeted bathrooms.

Not only will many home buyers refuse to enter a carpeted bathroom, but after seeing one, they lose focus on the rest of the house. Note to sellers—replace bathroom carpeting with tile!

Another major turnoff? A tub that's seen one too many baths.

Almost every woman will walk straight into the bathroom and look at the bathtub, so if it is in need of a little refinishing then make it happen, or else someone could think you need to do a complete bathroom remodel.

The cluttered playroom

Think the kids' playroom gets a pass? Think again!

If a playroom looks like a cluttered mess, buyers get the impression that the current residents aren’t clean. Home sellers should make it look immaculate. That includes erasing crayon and marker drawings as well as fingerprints on doors, windows, and walls.

The run-down kitchen

The heart of the house, the epicenter of most homes—can be a big-time deal breaker.

Buyers will think twice if it's too small, has outdated features and appliances, or looks run-down. The problem starts when buyers start calculating how much a remodel is going to cost.

 A quick fix with a lot of visual bang—that won't break the bank—is to swap outdated appliances with newer ones found on sale at Home Depot or priced-to-move sites such as Craigslist.

The stuffy formal living room

Rooms that serve no purpose or do not fit the needs of the homeowners definitely can hurt house sales. The formal  living room of yore was once valued in a home; but in today’s market this room serves little purpose and is more a room to look at than use.

Why don’t you transform that living room into a home office, game room, or movie room.

The cluttered closet

I know, a closet is not a room; however lack of storage space is a big deal killer.

I recommend removing at least two-thirds of the clothes in the closets to give the illusion that there's plenty of space.



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